LoSt A FiNgErnAiL?

LoSt A FiNgErnAiL? CHICKEN VS SHLACK bLoG gUeSt bOoK MuSiK ThE cReAtOrs OtHer cOoL CitEs


Welcme to Missingfingernails.sluhoo.com. This is the birth place of Chicken VS Shlack the famous (or soon to be) comic that I and Mara have created. There is a guest book and a blog that we will keep in intrest to the comic. Also, there will be some other pages to view that tells you what is new and odd ball things that related to music and art. Enjoy.

Listing Site Updates

I am still working on the site. So come back again. The last time I have updated was 03-23-07.

The Mohawk

These guys are the mascots of missingfingernails.sluhoo.com

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