ThE cReAtOrs

LoSt A FiNgErnAiL? CHICKEN VS SHLACK bLoG gUeSt bOoK MuSiK ThE cReAtOrs OtHer cOoL CitEs

ThE CrEaToRs

Ok this is the part where we tell you about ourselves so enjoy this little tidbit.

The Artist and Writer

Hey. My name is Lorelei and I am one of the demented minds begind this comic. My job is to do the art and help with the writting. I am more important than Mara because I made this site whit my bare hands!!!! lol. This is my babi. I am from a small town in Iowa and I love to write, rock climb, go caaving, paint and draw (or any kind of art) and long walks on the beach.

My character is Chicken in this comic and I think that once it gets up you will be able to tell that very easily. If you have any sudgetions as to what else this site needs. You can leave a comment on the blogs or guestbook. Thats all for now folks.

The Writer and The crazy one

MEh Meh Meh my name MARA!!!! ME LIKE TO BITCH LONG TIME!!!! hahaha no this is Lorelei again. Mara will soon put up her little profile so until then enjoy this picture i made of her.